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So you did it! You helped us meet our goal to bring our favorite 2009 release back to vinyl! In less than 30 days you guys racked up over 200 pre-orders of "The Long Fall Back to Earth" colored vinyl re-issue. 

Here's what happens next. We have placed the full order for vinyl and will be shipping them out by July 2016 to each of you who pre-ordered one. If you are wondering whether you can still pre-order (in case you didn't during the campaign), have no worries. We will keep the campaign going until everyone who has participated has one in hand... keep reading

Let us guess, you weren't able to make it to our Family Christmas Show because you live in Minnesota and you couldn't catch the live stream because it was happening at the exact same time as choir rehearsal.

Now, you're left wondering if you just missed out on one of the best Christmas Shows of all time (which it was pretty awesome)...

Welcome to the crowdfunding campaign for the re-release of "The Long Fall Back to Earth" on vinyl. Here's how you can help us bring this album back to vinyl - We have 30 days to secure at least 200 pre-orders so we can put our 2009 release back into production and into your hands. 

A night full of fun, festivities, and a whole lot of Christmas Spirit, join us Wednesday,
December 16th for our first annual Jars of Clay Family Christmas Show.

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