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Soulfest 2010!!!

It was another amazing year at Soulfest. We did a late night rewind show to benefit BloodWaterMission which was the four of us and Christopher Williams filling in on percussion www.christopherw.com.

Here are some pics from about and around the festival. Thanks for all the amazing New England Fans who made the main stage performance an UNBELIEVABLE evening. Truly one of the best nights of the summer. Love to you all and see you soon this fall with Brandon Heath!

Also had the privilege to catch up with some good friends at the festival and to catch Matt Maher's set. He is one of the artists that we were so privileged to collaborate with on The Shelter project. Can't wait for you to hear his song with Dan and Sara Groves, called "Love Will Find Us All."

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Both the "encore" Rewind show and the Main Stage show were spectacular! Everyone enjoyed having you at SoulFest! It was good to have you back! Glad that you had time to catch up with and spend time with some festival friends.

Thanks for sharing SoulFest 2010 with your fans, for the behind the scenes photos and thanks sooo much for the signed t-shirt! Did Jude tell you what she did with it? She fixed a little type-o for me! She's great! :)

Missing the shelter of Gunstock Mountain and SoulFest City, but anxious to share the stories with others! See you on the Shelter tour with Brandon Heath!

August 9, 2010 at 7:47 PM | Unregistered Commenterchrista622

Just wanted to say that it was an awesome time at soulfst 2010. We've never been but decided to check it out mainly to catch Bales of Hay, er I mean Jars of Clay who I have been a fan of since their first CD. Over the years they have just kept on getting better and better and they have become my favorite band of all time. Seein them in two different settings at soulfest was a real treat. But much to my surprise I was having the time of my life at the fest, listening to soo many talented bands singing praises to our Lord and savior!! My heart was deeply moved. The chairlift ride to the "magical" land of the dragon flies was a very nice touch I might add, as was lighting up the entire mountain at night. I also was extremely impressed with the willingness of the bands to meet and greet their fans. Shows that they are humble and that made me admire them all the more.
So many happy young people, so much diversity in attire, so much love and acceptance. I'll def be back next year.

August 15, 2010 at 12:28 PM | Unregistered CommenterA.C. Rowe

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