VIDEO: Greenbelt (Festival) 2010

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Explaining The Shelter: "Small Rebellions" 

Over the coming weeks, leading to the 10/5 release of The Shelter, we will be sharing more about the songs from the album. This week, we share thoughts on track 1, "Small Rebellions."

Charlie: May our small, daily protests to the chaos define us as those who choose love over fear and judgment.  A prophetic song of hope paired with action.

Dan: Any act that fights against isolation is the greatest form of counterculture. The greatest risks we take are the ones that prove we are implicated in each others stories. 

Stephen: This song celebrates the courage it takes as a community to change the lives of those around us with a subversive love.  

Matthew: For those willing to adventure into the confinements of intentional relationship will find a richness missing from even the most charmed of lives.

Video: Recording The Shelter: No. 2

A Review, Sort Of: Great Thoughts on "Shelter"

It is worth taking a few minutes and reading these eloquent thoughts from Jackie Chapman, where she is sharing her thoughts in response to the song, "Shelter," from our upcoming album (10/5).  

VIDEO: Recording The Shelter: No. 1

Purchase "Out Of My Hands" 

"Out Of My Hands," the first single from our upcoming album, The Shelter (available 10/5), is now available to be purchased from iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers.

Thoughts on "Out Of My Hands"...

Charlie: The only thing we can do in response to what God has done for us, is to give our hearts away and love unconditionally, as a response to how we have first been loved.   

Dan: We cannot save our own lives, nor can we change our own ways.  God has given us to each other, failures and success combined. 

Stephen: It's humbling to know in our lowest moments that God's purposes are made complete in and through our weakness not our strength.

Matthew: Never has there been a more suffocating delusion to live under than the one that says our lives are ours to control.