Update from Charlie

Greetings friends!!

It's been quite a busy and exciting season for the band...  we are just rested up from two back-to-back tours.  Roadshow was a new experience- we had an absolute blast with MercyMe and a handful of other bands playing on the Roadshow tour this year.  We did enjoy the "big stage" but had some pretty special moments playing acoustic songs for a number of you that came out early and got your requests in.  We played songs that we literally have never played since recording them... like Scarlet, Redemption, River Constantine, Forgive Me, and more...  a good brain exercise for us, but it was truly a treat to hear stories of how these songs have connected with you over the years... thank you!!  We hope to do more of that in the future.  Following the Roadshow tour was our Shelter headline tour- all through the making of The Shelter, we knew that the songs would really take form live- hearing you sing along with us, as these songs were written to be sung by "the people"!!  We toured with Derek Webb, Matt Maher, and Audrey Assad, who all sang on the record with us.  It truly felt like family (if not camp!) out there, which may sound like a bit of a cliche, but we say it with honesty and gratitude.  If you don't have any of their projects, please check them out! 

Right now, we're doing just a handful of tour dates in the next month, but primarily starting to write for the next project, whatever that may be!  We really have no idea what is on the horizon until we get in the habit of gathering, turning our chairs toward one another, and seeing what is waiting for us.  It's an odd combination of scary and exciting!  We have enjoyed the acoustic sets lately (if you haven't seen it, here's a nice intimate version of "Closer", acoustic at a club in Nashville opening for Burlap To Cashmere last month: (VIDEO), and may do some select dates this fall in that vein- stripped down arrangements and stories about songs... 

As always, thanks for listening and coming out to see us in concert!!  It's a great season to look ahead and anticipate what is next, what we are passionate about saying and creating, and expecting God to meet us in unexpected ways, as is most always the case! 

May you find joy in your journey today-

Charlie Lowell
Jars of Clay