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rumblings of INLAND

Here are a handful of sneak peeks of INLAND if you haven's seen them yet. All in one place.

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First 2 Tracks from INLAND Available NOW!!!

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INLAND: iTunes

Free Video Sneak Peek of new INLAND tracks live from East Side Manner:



StageIt, 20 Years and New Live EP

Dear friends-

It has been far too long since we last caught up.  
2012 was an amazing year for playing live. We had some very memorable intimate performances with our friends, Sleeping At Last, Mariah McManus, Matthew Perryman Jones, and LEAGUES in some of the finest clubs and small theaters we’ve had the privilege to play.
In between live performances, we took some time to visit one of our favorite cities, Portland, OR, where we collaborated with Tucker Martine (producer), Matt Chamberlain (drummer extraordinaire), Beau Sorensen (sound guru), Jacquire King (master mix engineer) and Adrian Belew (guitar legend) to build a new Jars of Clay studio record. We could not be more pleased with the results of these collaborations….well, maybe if Adele had sung on it..  that aside… It is an incredibly beautiful record that we can barely wait for you to hear.
We will be making an announcement about the album’s release date and pre-sale options VERY soon.
And speaking of announcements.......
Put this one on your calendar -MARCH 18th at 6pm CST  
Jars of Clay is performing a “StageIt” Live web concert!  Since we have sold out of the original tickets (THANK YOU), we are going to release 50 additional tickets on Wednesday at 10am CST. Our hope is to accommodate more of you on this list because we don't want you to miss it.  Details and tickets HERE

New Live EP:
Now for the most important announcement! 

We have a new, special live 6-Song EP coming out in on Monday, March 18th.
Jars of Clay “Under the Weather -Live from Sellersville, PA”  will be available exclusively from on the 18th.... And we plan to offer some bonus goodies for anyone who downloads it directly from our website as we will throw in a brand new song from the forthcoming new record and some videos, too.  The standard 6-song version should be available on iTunes, Amazon, and other places on Tuesday, March 19th.

These performances are some of our favorites and we think you are going to love them.  If you did not get a chance to see us play this past year, this is for you.  If you did see us play… this is for you. 

Well, that is probably enough about us.  We continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude for your continued passion for Jars of Clay.  We hope to see you soon at a show. 

All the Best -
Dan, Charlie, Matt, and Steve

Jars of Clay

Update From Charlie: Fall Tour, New Album and More

Well, it's mid-summer, and Nashville could not be any hotter or more humid! We have been working hard in the studio on a number of different projects. The main one being the writing for our next full-length project. We started writing in June, and will continue throughout the next few months, but we are excited to see what gradually comes forward.  Writing is funny for us, and it's always been this way, but the record sort of finds us, as opposed us knowing exactly what we are creating.  It's a mysterious process, and it keeps us engaged and intrigued!

We have been working on a Christmas EP that will be available this fall.  We found a couple more "classic" Christmas songs to re-invent, as well as a new original song that we wrote.

We've also been recording some acoustic versions of older Jars songs that have not had much attention these past handful of years.  Mainly inspired by our VIP remix events during last winter's Roadshow tour, we have enjoyed capturing some of these intimate arrangements for your ears.

If you haven't yet heard the recent Roadshow news, there is a fall tour going out and we'll be playing on it once again!  We're excited to re-join MercyMe and Matt Maher, as well as Hawk Nelson, Disciple, and more, for a great evening of music at a low price.  Stay tuned for announcements about our own exclusive VIP pre-show event, which includes a ticket to the Roadshow concert.  Tourdates and info at:

Just before Roadshow goes out this November, we'll be performing a couple weekends in clubs as an acoustic foursome.  It'll be a fun evening of stories, interaction and acoustic music, hopefully something our long-time
fans have not seen lately.  We are privileged to have the incredible (and hilarious) Dave Barnes out to support us!

We are also experimenting with some news media outlets to better be in communication with YOU.  We have been U-streaming live from our studio as we write and record a bit this summer.  Twitter and facebook are the best ways to stay plugged in with what we are up to.  The link to our stream, if you care to bookmark it, is:

If you are on our facebook page, you may notice that a couple of us havenstarted our own artist pages, as a way to be in more direct communication with you, reading stories and replying to questions and comments more regularly.  Feel free to LIKE our artist pages and check in or throw your questions at us.  ;) 

Thanks, friends!!  May your summer be filled with air conditioning and sweet lemonade.

AIDS at 30: Nothing to Celebrate, Everything to Hope For

We are celebrating an anniversary this year.  “Celebrating” is not the correct word.  Perhaps, “acknowledging” is a better word.  We won’t be sending cards or thinking romantic thoughts, or raising a glass as we release sentiments like, “we hope the next 30 years are even better than the first. “   It was 30 years ago that the first cases of, “The Gay Cancer,” were reported.   We have come to know this disease by a different name.  We know it as AIDS.

I still remember sitting in the corner office of our Rendy Lovelady Management as I listened to a man describe what was happening in Africa.  He was not hopeful in that conversation.  His words held no silver lining.  How could it?   He was in the office because he needed help.  A poll had been commissioned by World Vision to find out what the general state of knowledge and understanding was in the church surrounding HIV/AIDS.  They asked a simple question of Evangelicals. “If you had the chance to help someone with AIDS, would you?”   Only 3% said yes.

 AIDS is complicated.   Just as relationships are complicated, or medicine is complicated, or humanity is complicated, or being a Christian is complicated.  So, for many people it was necessary to find reasons to disengage without feeling implicated in the work that needed to be done.  
The poll suggested that Evangelicals blamed HIV/AIDS on a lot of things.  One of the loudest critical voices speaking about HIV/AIDS was the one telling us that Africans were reaping what they had sewn. AIDS was the way God was acting out his wrath on sinners, and so our job was simply to ignore Africa and let those infected with AIDS die.

AIDS is complicated. And the church was immature.  And the act of pulling the covers over our heads and hoping that the monster would simply go away, well… , It didn’t work.  The monster grew.  The next approach was better.  What could we learn from people struggling with HIV/AIDS?  Our approach was to listen and observe.

We found that the reason for HIV/AIDS rapid spread was not entirely due to an influx of homosexual activity.  We learned that it was transmitted through breast- feeding, and ceremonial circumcisions, and wife adoption, and a host of tribal practices meant for healing, and childbirth.  We also learned that our response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic was selfish and fearful.  We, as a culture, found the human story trapped under the umbrella of mega-statistics and impersonal numbers. We found a foothold to re-engage.  And even with a massive push by musicians like Bono and world leaders like, Bishop Tutu, we saw the effects of HIV/AIDS continue to rise.

We built initiatives, and peace plans, and watched the development world truly rally to the call of ending HIV/AIDS.  And still we saw the disease hold it’s ground.   We saw pockets where an idea or an education campaign made a significant difference in the number of new transmissions of HIV.  And still, we find ourselves 30 years into a great war, unable to fully end HIV/AIDS.

Update from Charlie

Greetings friends!!

It's been quite a busy and exciting season for the band...  we are just rested up from two back-to-back tours.  Roadshow was a new experience- we had an absolute blast with MercyMe and a handful of other bands playing on the Roadshow tour this year.  We did enjoy the "big stage" but had some pretty special moments playing acoustic songs for a number of you that came out early and got your requests in.  We played songs that we literally have never played since recording them... like Scarlet, Redemption, River Constantine, Forgive Me, and more...  a good brain exercise for us, but it was truly a treat to hear stories of how these songs have connected with you over the years... thank you!!  We hope to do more of that in the future.  Following the Roadshow tour was our Shelter headline tour- all through the making of The Shelter, we knew that the songs would really take form live- hearing you sing along with us, as these songs were written to be sung by "the people"!!  We toured with Derek Webb, Matt Maher, and Audrey Assad, who all sang on the record with us.  It truly felt like family (if not camp!) out there, which may sound like a bit of a cliche, but we say it with honesty and gratitude.  If you don't have any of their projects, please check them out! 

Right now, we're doing just a handful of tour dates in the next month, but primarily starting to write for the next project, whatever that may be!  We really have no idea what is on the horizon until we get in the habit of gathering, turning our chairs toward one another, and seeing what is waiting for us.  It's an odd combination of scary and exciting!  We have enjoyed the acoustic sets lately (if you haven't seen it, here's a nice intimate version of "Closer", acoustic at a club in Nashville opening for Burlap To Cashmere last month: (VIDEO), and may do some select dates this fall in that vein- stripped down arrangements and stories about songs... 

As always, thanks for listening and coming out to see us in concert!!  It's a great season to look ahead and anticipate what is next, what we are passionate about saying and creating, and expecting God to meet us in unexpected ways, as is most always the case! 

May you find joy in your journey today-

Charlie Lowell
Jars of Clay


Blood: Water Mission - the organization that began as the vision of Jars of Clay’s Dan Haseltine to impact Africa with safe water—had reason to celebrate (May 10) in Nashville. The concert staging of the “Well:Done Celebration” was held in honor of the successful completion of the ‘1000 Wells Project’ now producing water in communities all over Africa through the work of Blood:Water Mission. The event held at the historic Ryman Auditorium raised over $100,000.

Jars of Clay's Dan Haseltine (third from left) joins in the 'Well: Done Celebration' with (left to right) Rich Hoops, Chairman of the Board of Blood: Water Mission; BWM Director Jena Nardella; (TN) Governor & Mrs. Bill Haslam; Mike Hamilton, Althletic Director at the University of Tennessee and BWM Board member.

Jars of Clay with friends and fellow artists from 'Well: Done Celebration' in Nashville. Included in photo are: HANSON, Eric Wainaina and band, Brandon Heath, Charlie Peacock, Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, and Blood: Water Mission Director, Jena Nardella.

Auction to Benefit Porter's Call

We are auctioning a Long Fall Vinyl Special Edition to benefit Porter's Call. Click here to bid. The auction ends September 18. 

About Porter's Call

Porter's Call is a ministry of counsel and support for recording artists and their families. Our mission is to provide a welcoming relationship for recording artists on their pilgrimage of life and faith. It is a safe and confidential shelter where questions can be asked and answers explored; a place where broken lives can be restored and healed; a place where God can be discovered and encountered; a place where creative gifts can be deepened and enhanced. | To learn more about Porter's Call, visit their website.

Purchase "Out Of My Hands"

"Out Of My Hands," the first single from our upcoming album, The Shelter (available 10/5), is now available to be purchased from iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers.

Thoughts on "Out Of My Hands"...

Charlie: The only thing we can do in response to what God has done for us, is to give our hearts away and love unconditionally, as a response to how we have first been loved.   

Dan: We cannot save our own lives, nor can we change our own ways.  God has given us to each other, failures and success combined. 

Stephen: It's humbling to know in our lowest moments that God's purposes are made complete in and through our weakness not our strength.

Matthew: Never has there been a more suffocating delusion to live under than the one that says our lives are ours to control.