A Personal Note From Jars

Friends, Fans, and Patrons-

Today is quite a celebratory day for us! Many of you have walked with us in one regard or another, for 20 years now - coming to shows, meet and greets, supporting our music, giving it to friends, and writing us encouraging emails and letters. We can’t really express what that means to us all these years, so we embarked on this creative way to give back via the songs you love and voted for. It was a surprisingly enjoyable process - the task of re-inventing old songs can be quite cumbersome and challenging, and somehow this was a very affirming record for us to make. Perhaps knowing these songs meant so much to you helped us find a new appreciation and ear for them as well. For that, we’re grateful and we offer them back to you with some fresh seasoning and “age” on them.  ;)  

These 20 years represent a lot of things to us and our families as we look back and reflect. Primarily it is a story of grace - that 4 friends could walk hills and valleys together for 2 decades, finding spaces to rest and create and offer back the goodness we have been given. I don’t know that too many bands have shared in that reality over the years. Beyond that, our families have tirelessly sacrificed to allow us the freedom to travel and sing to you and with you. And just beyond that, you have kept us coming back to the well of melody and poetry - to continue to reinvent ourselves and update the stories and experiences from our lives.  

There’s much to be thankful for, and much to celebrate. And there is more creating to do. We look forward to sharing Jars 20 with you. Please share it with your friends and let your people know we are still here.  

Charlie, Dan, Matt & Stephen
Jars of Clay