We're bringing back LFBTE to vinyl - here's how you can help!

Welcome to the crowdfunding campaign for the re-release of "The Long Fall Back to Earth" on vinyl. Here's how you can help us bring this album back to vinyl - We have 30 days to secure at least 200 pre-orders so we can put our 2009 release back into production and into your hands. 

As we reach closer and closer to our goal we will be updating you along the way with new opportunities to participateshare, and help us reach our goal.

So here's what you can do! 
1. Pre-order the vinyl! Every order helps
2. Share this with your friends (check out the buttons below) 
3. Get the full story behind "The Long Fall Back to Earth" with our
"Stories Behind The Songs" series on YouTube.
4. Grab your 15% discount off of your pre-order (available in the shopping cart). 

-  Dan, Matt, Stephen, and Charlie