Jars 20th Anniversary:

We are well into 2014, and if you haven’t heard, this is a special year in the story of Jars of Clay.

20 years ago, we wrote our first songs together in college, and with the recent release of Inland, we are found grateful for the continued opportunity to share our stories and songs and hear how they connect to yours. After discussing how to celebrate such a moment, we’ve planned an exciting opportunity with PledgeMusic.

Recently, we’ve been playing StageIt concerts, featuring each album in our catalog. Your positive feedback from those acoustic, intimate arrangements gave us an idea. We have decided, in our 20th year, to record your 20 favorite Jars songs in that acoustic fashion.

Here’s how it will work- when you pledge, you will not only get the digital album of these 20 songs, but you will also get a vote on what songs make it on the record. Over the next several weeks, we will use a “polling” function here on PledgeMusic that will allow you all to cast your votes. The Top Two songs per album from our 10 studio albums will then make up the 20 songs. So this album will be created based on your votes!!

For those of you wanting more than digital downloads, we will make CDs available for you plus both black and colored vinyl. (And if you love vinyl like we do, then you can even get a vote on what vinyl color!)

We are putting a limited number of tickets on sale for a veryspecial fan-celebration weekend event on September 26th & 27th, right here in Nashville.

We will be playing a special intimate show at the Franklin Theatre which accommodates less than 300 people. It will include a special reception at our new Blood:Water Mission offices and a fun Q & A Studio Tour at our Gray Matters Studio. Of course, we would like to invite all of you into town for this amazing weekend but know that not all of you can travel, so we will be developing ways to involve all of you as we continue on with this exciting project.

We hope you are as excited as we are for this fan-curated, intimately recorded 20 song favorites album, and we especially hope you can join us here in the Nashville area for our special Jars 20 Weekend event in September or on tour this fall.

Stay tuned for upcoming 20th Anniversary tour announcements...

We are humbled by your continued support of Jars over these years, and we are excited for what’s to come!

See you soon,

Jars of Clay