You guys are bringing "The Long Fall Back to Earth" back to vinyl

You guys are bringing "The Long Fall Back to Earth" back to vinyl

So you did it! You helped us meet our goal to bring our favorite 2009 release back to vinyl! In less than 30 days you guys racked up over 200 pre-orders of "The Long Fall Back to Earth" colored vinyl re-issue. 

Here's what happens next. We have placed the full order for vinyl and will be shipping them out by July 2016 to each of you who pre-ordered one. If you are wondering whether you can still pre-order (in case you didn't during the campaign), have no worries. We will keep the campaign going until everyone who has participated has one in hand... keep reading

Have You Heard What People Are Saying about INLAND?

Please add your comments here. Although the press coverage has been fun, it is YOU the fan whose opinion matters most to us! Have fun browsing these cool features to see what we have been up to and Drop us your comments on the new record!

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rumblings of INLAND

Here are a handful of sneak peeks of INLAND if you haven's seen them yet. All in one place.

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First 2 Tracks from INLAND Available NOW!!!

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INLAND: iTunes

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